is a community marketplace for artists from all walks of life to buy, sell, and browse one of a kind independent brands. As a new business, we work tirelessly to get your product out there and take it from local to global with promotion, interviews, blogs, etc.


Vendors: People who are looking for an outlet to reach a broader audience to showcase different kinds of art for sale. Whether that be handmade jewelry, clothing, or hand painted art; we have you covered.

Buyers: People who are interested in going against the grain and looking for a broader selection of items. Buyers are able to communicate with vendors and get a feel for who they are and why they are selling on


Grapey was started with the intentions of giving artists a platform to work independently and take the power away from the larger corporations. People who join will find many artists to bounce ideas off of to improve their products, which in turn creates a better finished product in the long term. As of today, Grapey is completely FREE to all sellers which gives us a legup over competitors like Etsy who charge large transaction fees.


As of today Grapey is run by a team of likeminded individuals with the goal to help your brand grow. We are a company that uses all marketing techniques from social media, paid advertisements, SEO, and in-person events. From city to city in America, style and sound is very unique. With Grapey, everyone has a chance to be a part of new trends before they hit the mainstream and get a taste of independence.

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